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Keith! Quit with the hyberole! I get anxious with pressure to live up to all that, but thank you for the kind words–(me ,scary? … now there’s an odd thought.)

Have you ever noticed what an accomplished and talented class we had? Pretty amazing. Russ Renk’s sent me his profile– all those degrees! I told my sister. “While Russ was collecting degrees’, I was collecting husbands–I think he had a better idea.” But no regrets from me. I learned something from every experience even if I am a ‘slow learner’ in that department.

Similarly, I had no idea Keith had created this website 30 yr ago and apparently has maintained it all this time–would that make him a “WebMaster?” Impressive! Thanks for your efforts Keith! (I’m still figuring out Word, and don’t even mention Excel!) Since FB is forbidden in Paula-Land, Keith’s web-creation is a great alternative. Emailing with Russ & Keith, chatting with Doug at the gym has been getting me jazzed for the 50th reunion… Thanks to all of you who are organizing it– if you need an extra pair of hands, let me know. I’m around.
I’ve been looking through Boxes and Boxes of ‘stuff’ to find photos, etc. Omigosh, the things I saved, and this is only half of what was once there… Everything from 50 yr old newspaper clippings to dried up prom corsages….so many memories…It will be wonderful to see all who share in those memories this august. Love to all


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I have received a couple of emails from Paula in the last week or so and I highly recommend “poking a stick” at Paula. She is absolutely hilarious, quick witted, bright, intelligent, and scary. No wonder men are scared of her (assuming “scared” is the right word). My daughter Kimberly is just like her, if you don’t pay attention, her humor and wit will leave you in the dust. Want a thrill? Send Paula an email, you won’t regret it. I really look forward to our reunion in August 2015. ~ Keith Kramis