To “Butch” my star-crossed lover

You and I  have had the worst luck with ‘close calls.’   First, in High School, my parents come home early from an outing and find us in the upstairs bedroom….  Then, 30 years later, your son Scott walks into the hotel room and finds us in a cozy embrace and yells “BUSTED”    Scared me half to death.

…I suggest we ditch our plan to rob a bank together– it can only go bad!  But it would be SUCH fun!     Think of the headlines,  “Two senior citizens rob bank and get caught.”   (it would update your golf newsclippings.)

Looking forward to seeing you again…So far, our get-togethers have been interesting at minimum!   (Don’t bring Scott.)  Hey!  He has to be older than 18 by now– he was 18 THEN,  I think.  You gotta update that profile!

Message to Paul Bayhouse

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