To Marty

Hi Marty– I am trying to figure out this website and get cozy with it, so will do some practice postings.  I don’t spend much time on the computer in daily life, so it takes a bit of accommodating.

Marty, I have been through about half of my boxes of  ‘stuff’ — I am amazed by how few photos I have of  us together– as much time as we spent  walking in the Highlands and yakking, I thought there would be more… Maybe because we didn’t have selfies then.  Often there  was no 3d person to take the photo.  I have many of you individually.

I hope you can make it to the  reunion… I know the timing of the reunion is bad for you, and understand if you can’t make it, but hope that something good changes and you will be here.   I will send you a more complete email later– this is just for practice on web-site.  xo