Lake Forest Park Elementary

Lee, I remember our Lake Forest Park Elementary encounter… and to this day so does my daughter! The story my daughter tells is that it was her first day at the school and she was very nervous and self conscious. Then when I saw you suddenly I called out your name (which she says was a scream) and then I hugged you (which she found appallingly embarrassing). She was certain everyone in the entire school stopped and took notice. I apparently ruined her entrance into school and she said she avoided eye contact with you that entire year. On the other hand, my version of seeing you is definitely more upbeat and you were as lovely as in high school. And, if I recall correctly, the surfer girl and spelunker that you were back then is definitely tougher than any cancer. Your bio sounds to me more like you are thriving not only surviving. That’s the way to do it!

Submitted by John DeNinno

posted by Keith

Message to Lee Nourse

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