When I entered BK as a Senior my sister Marta was a freshman …

When I entered BK as a Senior my sister Marta was a freshman in BK.

One evening at home my sis and mom and dad were talking,my sis said her ex-boyfriend called her a Bitch and she was hurt and mad. When the folks were out of the room I asked her what happened and she told me and she didn’t like being called a B, I asked well are you? slap. Now I knew.

I knew who her ex-boyfriend was and in my own time caught him in the hall and pushed him into the empty gym, I told him what my sister said and he started to deny what he called her. I popped him one on the chin and he fell on his back. I stood over him and told him what he needed to do and it better be sincere or I would be back.

A week later my sis was telling the folks about how nice her ex-boyfriend was and he said he was sorry and he really meant it, but he does a weird thing. Every time I walk down the hall he crosses over to the other side.

I looked up, my dad saw me and said “George” what do you know of this?

I said “nothing” then pop said don’t give me that, tell me. I learned never to cross my pop so I told him all that happened. My sister said you don’t fight, I said Oh no I never fight.

(Keith submitted on Kip’s behalf)

Bishop Kelly High…and Kip Drewrey

When I entered BK I was 4’10” or so, Being picked on was less frequent and one day one of the biggest students in BK decided it was time to pick on me, we were in class but the teacher was out, while waiting the big kid made spitballs and threw them at me with encouragement from other students he hit me with some little spitballs and I told him to stop it, which served to set a fire under him as well as his cheering crowd, the big guy made a mouthful spitball and when he threw it at me it hit me behind my left ear and stuck there. I was instantly mad and jumped up after wiping away the slimy mess, and called the big guy out. (I avoided this confrontation as he was big, his arms were bigger than my legs and I knew he would pound me,)

We did a little shuffle but the teacher came in and we stopped.

After class, the big guy says do you want to go another round? I said yes and we went at it right there in the hall with his cheering crowd egging him on. After we exchanged a few blows and his soft fist hit me in the face was like being hit with a pillow and I knew he did not know how to fight and I went after him because I knew I would win this fight. Just as the bell rang he said thats enough. Me I didn’t care I was wound up and wanted to finish this. We went to our next class.

My next class was band, Sister Noel, sweet nun. I was jacked and not a happy camper and I said can we play some rock n roll sometime? She said no. I said I quit. put my trumpet away and didn’t play again for ten or so years.

When class was over,we were to go to assembly, I was at my locker when the big guy says Drew you want to go another round? I said yes, took off my glasses and the big guy walked around the corner out of sight. A few moments went by and he did not return, I then turned around and got my books out of my locker and turned to ask for my glasses I had haned to a kid, when bam in the back of my head I was hit, the big guy was slamming his fist into my face as fast as he could and every time I attempted to turn around he hit me and with his class ring on he cut my face something bad and by the time I was able to get away and turn to face him, he put up his hand and said he quit and ran off.

I got my glasses and went into the bathroom to wash my bloody face and take stock in the cuts I received from the beating. I was a flippin mess, no one was in the hall and I decided not to attend the assembly and was heading out the back door when a kindly stern voice said where are you going? I said, I am going home Father (Peplinski) He said if you go out you will not graduate.

I headed toward the gym and as I got to the front doors I said to myself I’ll just go out the front way, but a voice said go to the assembly. The Priest followed me.

The gym was loud and as I entered there was to my memory a big inhale of air and then total silence and then so many people looking at me. I was embarased, I do not know what happened in the assembly, I was so mad, when it was over I was one of the first out the door

I was getting into my 1940 ford pickup when the big fellow comes out and says “I am sorry”, I said I am going to get you and threw my books into my truck and ran after him. I didn’t run far, decided another time.

At graduation, the big guy says Drew, you want to go another round”? I said yes. He said, no lets graduate.

A year later I was boxing at the YMCA and there was some dude lifting monster amounts of weights on the bench press, I was punching the bag when a voice said hey Drew you want to go another round? I turned around and the big fellow lifting the weights was the big kid. I said Yes lets go. He said no he had work.

About 10 years later I was at Shopco in line to pay for my stuff, a voice behind me says Hey Drew You want to go another round?I turn around and see who it is and smiled and said yes, he said no he had a business. He then said what are you doing now? I said I am a State Police Trooper. That was the last I ever saw of him, (I consider him a friend and not an enemy).That is why I have omitted his name.

(Keith submitted on Kip’s behalf)

The sisters set my classes for my Junior year

Kip’s Saint Teresas Academy adventures….

The sisters set my classes for my Junior year, First was Math, then English, then History, then lunch, after lunch was study hall. Being a good Catholic lad I told no one of my schedule, I went home at noon for lunch and then went fishing, or riding my motorcycle until school was over, this was a great year, all through the first half anyway.

When the second half of the school started I was called into the principals office, it was a nun, I do not recall her name, after sitting in a chair in her office she said Kip, tell me your classes? I looked down like I was deep in thought, actually I knew I was busted but didn’t want to crack up, SO all serious like I said well STR I have Math, then ummm uhh then English and then uhhh ummm uhh oh ya History, then Lunch. I looked up and she said OK what is after lunch? I said UMMM uhhh lets see Math, uhh English uhhh History, Lunch and hmmm oh ya Study hall.

She prompted me about three times and I kept starting at the beginning until she musta saw my smirk, when she looked at me and said You mean to tell me you have Study Hall all afternoon? Cracking up I said Yes str. She wanted to know what I did after lunch, so being a polite Catholic kid I said, ride my motorcycle, went fishing, slept some, cruz some.

She said She would fix this. She did, after lunch my Junior year I had typing then study hall then typing, well in the last typing class of the day, I was the only student and was alone most of the time hahahaha.

My first year in Catholic school was at STA

Kip’s Saint Teresas Academy adventures….

My first year in Catholic school was at STA my sophomore year, for me the only difference between public school and Catholic school was wearing a uniform. I public school I was often picked on, bullied. STA was no different, I was picked on, until one day I got mad and fought back. I wasn’t any good at fighting but I resolved to learn and not get bullied anymore.

One of my fights was with a guy who was short like me (Lonnie Heister), we fought each other and was caught by Sister Dolareda and she was mad at us for fighting and wanted us to tell her “What kind of animal kicks? We don’t know Str (Short for Sister). She told us if we wanted to kick she would let us kick the plaster off the walls and re-plaster them. Lonnie and I grew to be good friends and from then on through high school we were best buds, and we learned how to fight. The first summer after I finished my Junior year at STA I fought every day all summer long because I really loved to fight.

It is interesting that learning to fight would help me in my career later in life.

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